Empor Farms - Lusaka Intensive and Outdoor Piggery

Welcome to our farm. We are passionate about our farm and our animals.

We also realise that pigs are quite different to sheep and cattle and need a different level of support to help them thrive. Not everyone is cut out to farm pigs – those of us that do, really enjoy the quirky character of pigs, and are passionate about our animals.

If you don’t love pigs, you won’t succeed at farming pigs!

Our pigs are our living, so being committed to looking after their daily welfare is our primary concern. This site shows our efforts that goes into making sure our pigs healthy and well cared for and bring you our story and some insights into how and why we farm pigs the way we do.

We trust you will enjoy meeting us and learning about life on Empor Farms.

Farming Methods

There are many and varied ways to raise pigs in Zambia. Farmers use different combinations of housing for their pigs depending on their individual farm setup. There is however one single most important factor in addressing the welfare needs of pigs and how pigs are raised in Zambia.

This is the husbandry skills of the producer and stock handlers. These people are responsible for the well being of the animal, their dietary, health and environmental requirements.

Pigs can be farmed as free range, being allowed to wander around a village, kept in fields, or tethered in a simple house. Nowadays, farming has moved away from traditional pig farming and pigs are now typically intensively farmed.

Farm News and Commentaries

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